Energy Law

We have a rich tradition of representing clients in energy law, beginning with the organization of Texas Power & Light Company in 1912. We served as general counsel for TP&L from its formation until 1984, when it was merged with its sister companies. Since then, we have continued our representation of energy clients in many areas, including:

  • regulatory and administrative proceedings, including general rate cases, certification of convenience and necessity proceedings, and rulemakings;
  • municipal franchise matters;
  • negotiating, drafting, and administering complex contracts to purchase and sell energy to and from qualifying facilities, renewable resources, utilities, and independent power producers;
  • negotiating, drafting, and administering contracts under EEI/NEMA Master Power Purchase and Sale Agreements;
  • purchasing electrical generating facilities;
  • negotiating, drafting, and administering requests for proposals to purchase energy;
  • negotiating terms of, drafting documents and procedures for, and implementing auctions to sell electric energy; and
  • drafting and amending protocols for independent organizations administering power regions in Texas.

We also have extensive experience for energy clients in other areas of law, such as eminent domain, environmental law, real estate and right-of-way, and litigation and alternative dispute resolution of complex contract disputes and tort claims, such as electrocutions, asbestos claims, and large property damage claims.