Professional Liability Defense

For over 100 years, the attorneys at Burford & Ryburn, L.L.P. have gained the experience and expertise necessary to support clients in times of need. Attorneys in the Professional Liability Defense area of the Firm understand that professionals, in every field, sometimes require support when a lawsuit has been filed. Your livelihood, career, business, and practice are important to us. We frequently counsel clients on how to avoid malpractice claims, and attempt to resolve disputes before they arrive to the litigation phase whenever possible.

If a lawsuit is filed, it is the skill in guiding you through the litigation process in an affordable and effective manner, which makes Burford & Ryburn, L.L.P. an excellent choice for your malpractice concerns. The Firm also has a separate practice area dedicated to medical malpractice. (See the Medical Malpractice page on the website for additional information.)

The types of businesses covered by Burford & Ryburn, L.L.P. in the Professional Liability Defense area are:

  • Accountants, financial planners, and accounting firms
  • Architects and architectural firms
  • Attorneys and law firms
  • Engineers and engineering firms
  • Insurance brokers and agents, and insurance companies
  • Realtors, agents, and real estate companies